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Significance of detox in weight loss that no one will tell you



Defining detox 

A period of time in which one refrains the body from toxins and unhealthy substances to optimize the body processes, where for some it can also be a method to lose weight. Most of the detox diets promote herbs, pills or fasts to get rid of the bodily impurities, thus, getting a cleanse from inside out.


Why detox and how the body collects toxins 

People usually tend to think that toxins only enters the body if you eat unhygienic food or if you smoke/drink, but, it is not true as the body can easily get  affected by toxins from air by inhaling pollution, water that you drink, unhealthy food and even from the stress, pills, and bad lifestyle habits.


The significance of detoxification is not new; many cultures are practicing detoxification for centuries around the world. Indians do fast weekly and monthly from past several decades to get rid of toxins.

Thus, one must change their lifestyle for the sake of the pure and clean body, and amongst the temporary and permanent changes one can adopt in lifestyle – this is one.


How toxins effects your body 

Your large intestine gets clogged with undigested food and toxins, lymphatic vessels are congested and liver is also overloaded. All of this forces the waste to re-circulate in the body instead of filtering them out. Toxins also get into the skin and cause inflammation.

As a result, toxins are stored in fat cells, preventing your body from losing weight then and they can also convert into cancerous cells.


Body cycle for self-detoxification 

  1. THE ELIMINATION CYCLECycle Begins around 4:00 AM and then ends around 12:00 PM (8 hours)

 During elimination cycle, same as its title suggests – the body naturally tries itself to purge from toxic unwanted materials and not necessary salts, proteins, and acids.

During this cycle, you should consume enough amounts of fresh seasonal fruit (preferably organic) to support the body’s natural toxin elimination cycle. Not only the fruits supply the body with living matter to draw out unwanted substances, but it also ensures that the intestinal tract remains well hydrated and nourished.

Fresh fruits provide the ideal ingredients for supporting the body’s Elimination Cycle.


“The elimination cycle is without question your greatest ally in the preservation of health and prevention of disease”; “If a blood test was to be taken every hour for 24 hours, it would show that the bloodstream is most heavily burdened with the by-products of metabolism during the hours between 4am-12noon, indicating the stepped up elimination cycle, because it is the blood that carries waste material to the four channels of elimination: bowels, bladder, lungs, and skin”– Harvey & Marilyn Diamond, Fit for Life


  1. THE ENERGY CYCLECycle Begins around 12:00 NOON and ends around 8:00 PM (8 hours)

 During the Energy Cycle, food and nutrients are processed and stored to supply you with the energy throughout the day.

The best way to support your body during this Cycle is to eat plenty of raw vegetables (can be salad or juice), adding a starch source can provide your body with the energy to maintain its natural biochemical balance that is needed.


  1. THE REGENERATION CYCLECycle Begins around 8:00 PM and ends around 4:00 AM (8 hours)

 This is a chance for the body to take the time it needs to repair and regenerate. This is the time when the body should get proper adequate sleep.

During this time, the body assimilates all the foods that you have consumed during the day and then processes the nutrients to reform cell after cell.

If the sleep cycle is interrupted by irregular work patterns, eating at night, travel across different time zones, or any other factors, the body loses the ability to regenerate cells, which leads to their degeneration in the body instead of regeneration.

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