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You must have heard that practice makes a person perfect and here I am going to make you believe that it really does!

But how? Does it change your body too?

So without further ado let’s know what the science and psychology behind the curtain is!

Let’s assume that ‘john’ was a typist in a company and after a couple of years of continuous working because of circumstantial situation he switched his job to a mechanic.

There at the workshop he had to lift weights and stuff. Initially he found it really difficult and painful to work but after some weeks he got used to it.

Wait! What? Stop. What happened in some weeks that he got okay with!?

So here’s what science says:

The muscles he used as a typist were different from the muscles that he had to use as a mechanic, that’s why he find the work difficult at first but after some time, a little micro tearing of muscles plus building of muscles helped him in lifting weights and he got used to the lifting work.



This was all the physical part of it; does it also involve anything mental?

And the answer to it is ‘yes’, When you need to do something you also get mentally prepared for it and the mental preparation done by the brain helps the body in a certain way that it also tends to work in the manner as we imagine it to work.

Thus, a mental preparation also aids to make things perfect.

Same changes occur when you commit that I will do something for myself to get a healthier life and reduce all the unnecessary weight that your body is dragging around, making you uncomfortable inside out!

If you look around you will see many examples of ‘practice makes a person perfect’, even with the daily routine activities where we practice same things over and over again and get a good hold on it.

As practicing anything on a routine basis tends to bring out the best in you with all your intellectual and aesthetic abilities.

Look closely, there is no alternative to hard work and success, you must stand to get to the road that leads to success.


Thus, while following a diet plan or exercise routine you must work with all power and will that you hold inside.

Knowledge is without any doubt an essential part but knowledge alone cannot take you to your goals, you must convert your knowledge into action that will take you to accomplish your goal.
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Necessity of avoiding errors –

Use of intellectual and aesthetic powers during practice leads an individual towards perfection by correcting the probable errors while performing.

Practice brings completeness and transcendence into the performance and action performed with proper planning and routine practice leads a person towards perfection.

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Practice brings quality in actions and helps in avoiding errors by completing the task with perfection. As practice is very crucial thing that one must develop in life and it is very necessary to practice in the right direction under guidance of good trainer to attain the goal.

Practice also means repeating an activity in the right direction which grinds the talent and skills.

Sometimes, unsatisfactory situations teach people to work hard to achieve things.

For instance, Individuals, who want good health and looks, do push themselves towards practice for everything necessary.

While some fail to practice because of the lack of determination.

One thing to always keep in mind is to succeed in life in any particular field or subject, one need to practice daily with full commitment and planned strategies to achieve everything you ever dream of.

Arise, Awake and Stop Not, until the goal is achieved – Swami Vivekanand

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