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Hello! My name is Payas Bharadwaj. I am from Ahmedabad, India and one of my biggest passion in life is fitness and nutrition. I have an online certification in health & overnutrition from Wageningen university. I have been weight training for 9 years and hold a brown belt in Shotokan Karate.

My Story

In my past, I was very skinny.

I was having no clue where to start? The only question which I asked to myself was – Is it the diet I should be focusing on or weight training or cardio?

First 4 years of my gym experience were horrible. Everybody used to tell me to eat this, eat that but nobody actually explained me the science or logic behind it. It was all about eating eggs, chicken and rice.

But slowly I have started educating myself and after getting my online certification in Health & Overnutrition from Wageningen university, I have created my Youtube Channel on Health & Fitness in Hindi and later created this website.

Now, my whole goal is to educate people about fitness, nutrition and diet. Because one thing that I have learnt from my experience is the day when you know how your body works, then you can actually see the magic happening. No diseases, no health issues, you can live a long and healthy life.

A small change in your eating habits can make a big difference and it’s never too late. Here at my blog, I want to focus more on solving health issues and things which actually works. I will be writing articles in Hindi as well as English.

As I am from India, I know that there is a lot of misleading information out there, and if I can help people to get the real information, that will be my biggest achievement. So, do not forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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